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Dr. Manning has lived in Twin Falls since 2001 where he helps raise 4 kids with his wife, Renee. He moved to Rupert in high school and graduated a Spartan. He has enjoyed each of the other states he's lived in, (Oregon, Utah, Pennsylvania, Delaware, California,) but will stay planted in Idaho. Before moving to Twin Falls, Dr. Manning graduated from Brigham Young University and Southern California University of Health Sciences. In addition to Chiropractic care, he practices acupuncture. Outside of private practice, Dr. Manning enjoys anything outdoors, including most any athletic event, fishing, hunting, and gardening. He participates in volleyball, softball, soccer, tennis, football, surfing, and whatever else comes along. With each child that has come to the family, Dr. Manning spends less time with his old pals, and instead finds himself coaching his children, or just taking the time to play with them. With two teenagers in the house that are currently much smarter then him, he finds joy in reading books just trying to catch up with their brilliance.


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